Our thanks to Dan Enright for the script that was adapted for this reader. We recommend his site to anyone interested from a technical point of view or who wishes to find I Ching resources on the web.

We're also grateful to Akira Rabelais for the text of the Wilhelm readings (The I Ching or Book of Changes by Hellmut Wilhelm (Editor), Cary F. Baynes (Editor)). Thanks are also due to Charlie Higgins for the text for the Legge readings (The I Ching by James Legge) which can be found on Dan Enright's site.

The script is undergoing ongoing enhancement and I apologise to anyone using it in advance for any errors I may have inadvertently introduced to either the script or the text.

This I Ching reader is provided on a strictly non-commercial basis for any one interested in alternative sources of advice!

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